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Homework Help: Proprtionality Statement Graphing Procedures

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    1. I have finished a lab that compares the frequency at which a pendulum swings vs time in seconds. I have collected the date for both the length of the pendulum and the frequency. A question on the lab requires to graph the collected data before the statement (Non Linear Line) and then one after (Linear Line). However I do not know if I should redo the X-Axis and its values.

    2. Relevant equations
    For the Non-Linear Graph it is plotted with the y-axis as Frequency in Hz, and the X-axis as Length in (cm). After finding the correct proportionality statement, which is f is proportional to 1/√l where l is length and f is frequency.

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I have previously graphed with the X-axis just using the length values, but now that i have made the proportionality statement, what needs to be changed? Thank you.
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    Plot the frequency in terms of square-root of the length : you need to have points scattered around a straight line.

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    I have the increments properly placed, but should the titles of both axis be the same?
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