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Engineering Prospect of Water Resources Engineering in USA

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    Hello everyone,

    I am an international student from India, I have been accepted to the MS in civil engineering program at Texas A&M university-college station for fall 2010. However, I chose WRE as my major, now I am having second thoughts about this major. what is the prospect of this branch of civil engg. in USA? I heard most of the WRE related jobs are federal and you have to be an American citizen for those jobs. And can I change my major to environmental engineering during my course of studies?

    I really want to join TAMU since its a great school for engineering, the quality of education is really high. But I do not wanna study something that does not have a future.

    Already I am struggling with my job as a civil engineer at home. Nobody wants to hire a female civil engineer!! I do not want to go through the same experience after my grad studies as well.
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    There is a great future in Water Resources Engineering. With population and economic growth there will be a constant demand for engineers who can plan and design water systems. If you are trying to find a job in the USA, there are many private engineering firms that do consulting work in WRE. I would pick whatever you feel interest you the most. I'm not sure if you are able to switch majors once you have been accepted to the graduate program or not, that is something that you will have to ask one of the graduate advisors.
    I too have been accepted to the WRE graduate program at Texas A&M for the fall 2010. TAMU has a great job network and although I'm not familiar with the struggles that an international student faces in getting a job, I'm sure you will be successful. Hopefully I'll see you there!
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    Hey there!

    Thanks..that was very encouraging!

    I am not sure about joining TAMU though, I am trying to get myself some financial support.

    Lets hope for the best!

    Again thanks for responding:)
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