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Prospects for a mediocre student

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    Hey all, I graduated recently from the Joint Honours BSc in Applied Mathematics and Physics. My final mark was 58.3% in Physics and 60% in Applied Mathematics. I got a 2.1 in Applied Mathematics and a 2.2 in Physics, overall I got 59.4% (I didn't get the 2.1 overall unfortunately). I got a 1.1 in second year but I lost focus in third and fourth year due to cockiness, immaturity and difficulties with note-taking/organisation. I'm currently doing an MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing which has a significant research component in the Applied Maths department. I'm giving it my all and working hard at it (and enjoying it too), can I redeem myself in the eyes of future research supervisors/funding agencies if I excel? Will my performance in undergrad be a permanent blot on my record?
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    The handful of employers I know personally in business/ engineering don't care about your undergrad after a masters or a few years of work experience. How did you get into an Msc?
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    The sad truth is that employers look at degree classes.
    The only thing you can try to do is go brilliantly in this masters.

    You might also look at what skills employers want, as in look at specific packages or programs that you can get a head-start in so companies don't have to waste money training you.

    Are you aiming to get a (gasp) job after your MSc or are you trying to get onto a PhD program?
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