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Proving if a function is a valid probability distribution

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    Given the function:

    [tex]P_{k} = \frac{20}{5^{k}}[/tex] for [tex]k \geq 2[/tex]

    How would you prove that P is a probability distribution? I would think that you prove that P is bounded by 0 and 1 (i.e., [tex]0 \leq \Sigma P_{k} \geq 1[/tex])

    And I guess the leading question is how you would prove that a function is not a probability distribution?
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    You also need that
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    You would prove that a function is NOT a valid probability distribution by showing that at least one of those conditions is not true. That is, that
    1) Pk < 0 for some k or
    2) Pk > 1 for some k or
    3) [tex]\sum_{k=2}^\infty\frac{20}{5^k}\ne 1[/tex]
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