Proxy avoidance? Websites blocked.

  1. Ok so I am currently blocked from material like pornography/adult material and I couldn't even go to the /science board on 4chan. And alot of websites that are non- violent I can't veiw. It's basiccly Everything is censored brutally. So I tryed proxy websites like But they had already blocked that site it said proxy avoidance. Than I Downloaded a proxy avoidance program but than the blocking screen popped up in that program. I can't download torrent's. Also all torrent sites are blocked

    So does anybody know how to avoid websites being blocked if I can't use proxy avoidance sites? Is there a program I can use? It's the phone company that does this.
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    It would help if you specified which browser you are using. In general there are options which you may be able to change to avoid all this blocking.
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    There are many proxies available online, some of the most popular will be blocked but it's not possible to block all of them (unless the filter blocks everything by default, allowing only admin-specified sites).

    An option is to setup your own proxy using a web host or a platform like AppEngine (there are tutorials online), this gives you a personal proxy which is unlikely to be blocked. This is also the only safe way to use a proxy. Any traffic sent through a proxy is easily inspected by the proxy owner. If you must use a proxy, do so anonymously (e.g. do not login or provide sensitive data to sites while using a proxy).

    All browsers have proxy options where you can specify the IP of the proxy to use but this is not necessary and not recommended unless you are using a trusted proxy because you may forget to clear the proxy settings for non-anonymous traffic - this is especially relevant if the computer is shared since it will impact other users.
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    Proxy sites should be avoided anyway. They are slow, full of ads, and are security concerns.

  6. Can I create my own proxy without paying for any housing? but Im double minded on this one, my stepfather owns the wi-fi so I would be using his wi-fi to do this, Can't you just go to firewall options and fix it there somehow, I am using firefox. My stepfather made this proxy because my little sister was watching porn(i know wtf)

    It also seems that this blocking service is fairly high-tech I have tryed using multiple no-name proxy sites, but all are blocked. It's like the keyword proxy is blocked. They also block youtube videos that are over 18? But not if I sign in.
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