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Pspice Schematics LC resonance graph

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    I have a LC circuit in pspice schematics, i want to simulate graph: input voltage versus frequency,to see resonance voltage. To simulate at least something i must give power source (VAC) some value,so when i choose to trace voltage in power source at the graph, its the constant value at all frequencies. at the "setup analyisis" i choosed "AC sweep" and set start and end frequencies.
    All i can get is inductor/conductor curent versus frequency.

    So is there any way to make a input voltage versus frequency graph?

    I tried to use "parametric" in "setup analyisis" to set values to power source, but it didn helped.
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    rude man

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    See the circled "V" on the extreme right of your taskbar? Drag this pointer to the top of your input voltage source and away you go.
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