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  1. Techno_Knight

    Comp Sci PSPice Lab Exercise - Differentiator (Circuit)

    Look, this is a weird one, but I really need help. This is the Electronics Laboratory, that is supposed to be hands-on, but with Corona it got cancelled. However, they announced that we'd do it through the internet, had us download PSPice, and now we basically have to try and "translate" the...
  2. Boltzman Oscillation

    Engineering Measuring the damping frequency from an oscilloscope reading

    I know the following equations for if the damping ratio is less than 1: $$\sigma = -\zeta \omega_n$$ $$\omega = \sqrt{(1 - \zeta ^2)\omega^2_n}$$ I am given the following circuit that I built on LTSpice: Measuring the voltage between node 2 and ground (blue), and the voltage Vc4(t) (green) I...
  3. Louis Aguilar

    Error message in PSpice

    Homework Statement Run a transient simulation and plot the three outputs, Vo(t), on the same plot. Use the following settings: 1. Set the Run Time (or Stop Time) so that you plot 3 cycles of Vo(t). 2. Set the Maximum Step Size so that you get at least 100 points per period for Vo(t). 3. Set...
  4. yi ru huang

    Spark gap switch and 2N6798 in PSPICE

    Error is like " no PSPICE template for 2N6798 , spark gap switch how to find the .ilb of spark gap switch and 2N6798? thank for your help.
  5. ernd59

    Problem with Pspice simulation

    Hi, I have a strange problem with Pspice, it always shows after successful attempts, the simulation program stops working and all voltages markers turns to gray and cant see any results any more
  6. J

    Simulation aborted because there are errors during netlisting

    I have built the following circuit: However, when I try to simulate it, I get an error that says "Simulation aborted because there are errors during netlisting. Please refer to the sessions log." What am I doing wrong? I'm new...
  7. N

    Pspice ring oscillator

    Homework Statement I'm required to design a simple ring oscillator... One with three stages of cascaded cmos inverters using pspice capture(student version) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have simulated the circuit with a 5v supply but all i see is a dc line at 2.50v.has...