What is Pspice: Definition and 86 Discussions

OrCAD Systems Corporation was a software company that made OrCAD, a proprietary software tool suite used primarily for electronic design automation (EDA). The software is used mainly by electronic design engineers and electronic technicians to create electronic schematics, perform mixed-signal simulation and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuit boards. OrCAD was taken over by Cadence Design Systems in 1999 and was integrated with Cadence Allegro since 2005.
The name OrCAD is a portmanteau, reflecting the company and its software's origins: Oregon + CAD.

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  1. Const@ntine

    Comp Sci PSPice Lab Exercise - Differentiator (Circuit)

    Look, this is a weird one, but I really need help. This is the Electronics Laboratory, that is supposed to be hands-on, but with Corona it got cancelled. However, they announced that we'd do it through the internet, had us download PSPice, and now we basically have to try and "translate" the...
  2. metennisman27

    Troubleshooting PSPICE Errors: Tips for Simulating Your Graph Successfully

    i am trying to simulate this pspice graph. i keep getting these errors. i can not figure out how to fix.. please help
  3. Boltzman Oscillation

    Engineering Measuring the damping frequency from an oscilloscope reading

    I know the following equations for if the damping ratio is less than 1: $$\sigma = -\zeta \omega_n$$ $$\omega = \sqrt{(1 - \zeta ^2)\omega^2_n}$$ I am given the following circuit that I built on LTSpice: Measuring the voltage between node 2 and ground (blue), and the voltage Vc4(t) (green) I...
  4. M

    Problem with CD4040B counter simulation in PSpice

    I am trying to make a DAC R-2R ladder with CD4040B counter. Output should be a staircase but it is just a straight line in my simulation. I am probably doing something wrong as I am not that experienced with Spice so I would appreciate any help. I tried it without counter(just attached four...
  5. S

    Problem with my Pspice simulation on a converter

    i have some green circle apearing on my simulation components as in the picture... please help me to solve that problem
  6. Louis Aguilar

    What is causing error code 16492 in PSpice?

    Homework Statement Run a transient simulation and plot the three outputs, Vo(t), on the same plot. Use the following settings: 1. Set the Run Time (or Stop Time) so that you plot 3 cycles of Vo(t). 2. Set the Maximum Step Size so that you get at least 100 points per period for Vo(t). 3. Set...
  7. yi ru huang

    Spark gap switch and 2N6798 in PSPICE

    Error is like " no PSPICE template for 2N6798 , spark gap switch how to find the .ilb of spark gap switch and 2N6798? thank for your help.
  8. kostoglotov

    What Vcc value should I typically use on an LM324 in PSpice?

    I've checked documentation and it says anywhere between 3 and 30V to supply the LM324. But I couldn't find further guidelines. My text explained that op amps need external power supplies, but provided no guidelines as to what value to make that supply value. When analyzing this following...
  9. A

    PSPICE Error when trying to run simulation

    Hi, so I built this circuit I'm trying to run a parametric sweep of the voltage source. I'm running it from 0V to 30V with a 0.1V interval So I put up the simulation settings that I wanted: and I ended up getting this error: I tried it on different computers as well and I still got the same...
  10. ernd59

    Problem with Pspice simulation

    Hi, I have a strange problem with Pspice, it always shows after successful attempts, the simulation program stops working and all voltages markers turns to gray and can't see any results any more
  11. J

    Simulation aborted because there are errors during netlisting

    I have built the following circuit: http://i1226.photobucket.com/albums/ee410/jean28x/pspicemodel.jpg However, when I try to simulate it, I get an error that says "Simulation aborted because there are errors during netlisting. Please refer to the sessions log." What am I doing wrong? I'm new...
  12. N

    Designing a PSPICE Ring Oscillator with CMOS Inverters | Homework Help

    Homework Statement I'm required to design a simple ring oscillator... One with three stages of cascaded cmos inverters using pspice capture(student version) Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have simulated the circuit with a 5v supply but all i see is a dc line at 2.50v.has this...
  13. darkbasic

    Colpitts oscillator PSPICE

    Hi, I'm trying to simulate exercise 13.21(a) from Sedra-Smith, with: Vcc=5V f=100 kHz and the following BJT model: .model modn NPN(Is=6.734f Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Vaf=74.03 Bf=416.4 Ne=1.259 Ise=6.734f Ikf=66.78m Xtb=1.5 Br=.7371 Nc=2 Isc=0 Ikr=0 Rc=1 Cjc=3.638p Mjc=.3085 Vjc=.75 Fc=.5 Cje=4.493p...
  14. D

    Simulate a VCVS by writing this netlist on PSpice

    Hello, Im trying to simulate a VCVS by writing this netlist on PSpice: ***Voltage controlled voltage sources(VCVS)*** *#destroy all *#run *#print all .TF V(Vout,0) Vin Vin Vin 0 DC 1 R1 Vb 0 3K R2 Vt Vout 1K R3 Vout 0 2k E1 Vt Vb Vin 0 23 .end But it keeps giving me...
  15. O

    Orcad / Pspice / ABM simulation of mathemathical equation

    Hallo, I Need to know how is possible to simulate in OrCad Pspice this mathemathical equation. This will be my reference waveform and later I will design my own electrical circuit to be as Close as is possible mathemathical equation. I have Problem how to design time dependant current Output...
  16. Z

    PSPICE rectified AC to voltage regulator

    I'm using a LM[Three-One-Seven] to regulate dc voltage output from mains power(240V ac). For PSPICE simulation, I was instructed to use an ideal OpAmp and Darlington BJT to model the IC in PSPICE. I came up with the following model, which satisfies the equation Vo=Vref(1 + RL/RH), where Vref =...
  17. D

    Engineering Plotting Diode Point-Contact with PSPICE for Circuit Analysis

    Hello i need to show with pspice plot the point-contact of diode. this is the circuit and the values i need: the right solution should look like this plot but this is the plot i see thx in advance!
  18. P

    Orcad Pspice Projects: Books & Websites to Learn Electronics

    Can someone suggest me a website or book that has a series of projects to do on Pspice. I just recently finished a course where we used it. I want to go more in depth and learn it better. My career path is toward electronics, computers and robotics. Some suggestions would be appreciated.
  19. tsuwal

    LTSPICE or PSPICE, what is the best?

    My teacher of circuit analysis showed us the LTSPICE but there are workshops on my faculty on PSPICE. What's the best software between this two or is there one better than this two?
  20. S

    Engineering PSPICE - simulation of CMOS astable circuit

    Homework Statement I'm trying to simulate the following circuit in OrCAD PSPICE. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution * 8.20 Vdd 1 0 5V MP1 3 2 1 1 PMOD MN1 3 2 0 0 NMOD MP2 4 3 1 1 PMOD MN2 4 3 0 0 NMOD R1 3 2 1000 C1 2 4 1uF .MODEL...
  21. D

    Superposition for dependent sources and Pspice

    Homework Statement The problem is uploaded it is problem number 2 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I really just want confirmation that my work is ok, and the command for a dependent current source in PSpice. The things that I found that are dependent, are very...
  22. S

    CE amp midband gain and PSPICE

    I’m in the process of writing a lab report after testing a cascaded common-emitter amp. The second transistor input is the collector output (collector to base) which I understand to be an emitter follower? I have used PSPICE to measure the gain when a 20mV signal is applied and I have...
  23. A

    PSPICE simulation with Schematic of Waveform Selector

    Homework Statement Hi in response to my previous thread (principles behind the waveform selector circuit), I would now like to run a SPICE simulation using the PSPICE schematics software to obtain the theoretical values before entering my lab session. I have uploaded the schematic for your...
  24. D

    Help with PSPICE: Building a 3-Input Circuit

    Hello , i need some help with pspice. i need to build a circuit with 3 entrances and 1 exit. that will provide "1" every time there is at least tow "1" in the entrances. x y z Z 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 this is what i built and what i get.. any...
  25. D

    New at pspice guidance will be appreciate

    Hello I am new at pspice and actually i know only how to place parts and wire them.. this is the circut and this is what i did so far i need to know the voltage and the power on R1. i don't really know where should i start :/ thx.
  26. J

    Question about PSPice Student 9.1

    I downloaded PSPice student 9.1 and when I open the program and press File -> New -> Simulation Profile it doesn't allow me to put any name that I try to put. Also, underneath the name space it mentions something about "Inherit from an existing profile". What do I put there? Thank you all very much.
  27. S

    What Could Be Causing This Error Message in Pspice?

    i have a problem in PSPICE i created a simple circuit but after clicking on ' simulate ' , a message appears : http://imageshack.us/a/img585/7118/erroru.gif any help ? thanks
  28. J

    Where can I get a functional PSPice?

    I tried a special edition that came with an electronics book and it had lots of problems. Then I downloaded a 9.1 student version that I found online but when I try to open a new sim profile it doesn't allow me to put any name I want or import. And the Capture Student version that I have doesn't...
  29. C

    Converting Ngspice to PSpice for Memristor Modeling

    Hi All, I have a piece of Ngspice code that I need to convert to PSpice. I feel it is a simple matter of syntax but I have so far failed to make it work. The code models a Memristor with thresholding ability (the fourth fundamental component along with resistors, capacitors, and...
  30. P

    Spark plug/Igniter/Spark gap in PSpice

    As far as I can tell, none of these come with the student edition of PSpice. The first problem is I can't find a model for any of these things. The second problem is I don't know how to import a custom part. Worst come to worst, I could make the part myself, but once again, I have no experience...
  31. reddvoid

    Investigating Unexpected Voltage in PSPICE Simulation

    This is the snap shot i took from Pspice simulation I have a doubt here ***why is voltage at non inverting terminal is 13.77V even though i connected 5V dc source to it and why the voltages at inverting and non inverting terminals are not almost same ( which we consider while solving opamp...
  32. E

    Engineering Find impedance of a 2nd ODE circuit (PSPICE)

    See the circuit diagram attached. The voltage source is a sinusoidal AC source with amplitude = 240, Frequency = 50, Phase = 90. Essentially I have a lab report and I was wondering what sort of equations are required to find the impedance of the circuit. We're not really told if we're...
  33. A

    Really Simple PSPICE simulation, need somebody to double check me

    Hi, I am working on a prelab for my electronics laboratory course. It's really simple (or at least should be. Basically he wants us to simulate the I-V characteristics of a D1N4002 diode. There is no resistor in the circuit we are to simulate (basically we're shorting it if you consider the...
  34. N

    Ask about simulation using pspice

    Homework Statement Simulate the circuit from 10Hz to 10MHz. Produce the Bode Plot for the amplifier output (across RL). From the Bode plot, determine the following: i) Maximum gain, A(max) ii) The cut-off frequency, fc. iii) The frequency at the unity gain. 2. The attempt at a...
  35. S

    PSPICE error message when simulating CMOS inverter circuit.

    Hi. I receive an error message once simulating in PSPICE. I have attached a file that explains the problem in details. Will be glad to know the source of the problem. Thanks! :redface:
  36. H

    Pspice inverting opamp input resistance

    I am working with Pspice student verison 9.1. Is there any simply way i can find out the input and output resistance in pspice? basiclly my opamp is same as this without Rg resistor Thank you
  37. H

    Pspice opamp DC open loop gain

    Homework Statement Hi, I am trying to use pspice student to work out a ideal opamp. This is what i did: Homework Equations I have find out the gain for my opamp using simulation. But the problem is how can i find out the DC open loop gain using this software? i have google it and it just...
  38. G

    Pspice Schematics LC resonance graph

    Hi!:smile: I have a LC circuit in pspice schematics, i want to simulate graph: input voltage versus frequency,to see resonance voltage. To simulate at least something i must give power source (VAC) some value,so when i choose to trace voltage in power source at the graph, its the constant value...
  39. N

    Pspice Problem - How do I take Logarithm_10 in a frequency domain?

    Homework Statement I am simply simulation using a small circuit consisting of a square wave generator, a resistor and a GND. The Voltage varies from 0 to 0.5V and the frequency is 100kHz for the sig-gen. I can simulate and output the transient response, a square wave with the above...
  40. N

    Orcad Capture PSpice Diode Libraries

    It seems I am having issues locating a valid Orcad Capture PSpice library with the 1N4000 series of diodes. I have downloaded Diode.olb, however when I simulate, I get an error such as: "ERROR -- Model D1N4009 used by D_D2 is undefined" From my understanding, this arises due to the fact the...
  41. D

    Daniel.Can the OrCAD PSpice model for LM7815 be modified to simulate LM7824?

    Hello! My version of OrCAD (16.0) doesn't have a pspice model for the 7824 regulator... I was searching in google for information but I haven't found anything useful. Maybe modifying 7815 model (which I already have) or something, but I don't know how to do this. Any help would be...
  42. E

    OrCAD PSpice & convergence issues

    Hi any idea what is the most relevant website to find out OrCAD PSpice ebooks, application notes and tutorials and how to resolve its convergence issues in Switch Mode Power Supplies simultions. Please be precise and quick. :cool:
  43. N

    Pspice simulation of LISN, offset voltage setting

    Homework Statement Hi, I am trying to simulate a LISN circuit, using a 220V/50Hz as Line input, a signal generator as SMPS equipment emission. The circuit is as below: And then I have this error and the box comes out Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am trying...
  44. W

    Software Learning Opportunities for Summer: CAD, Stats Anal. & PSpice

    I am home for the summer and trying to learn a decent amount of software. I already know about AutoCAD, Inventor, etc. but I can't find anything from them that lasts more than a month and has features removed maybe someone could point me out to a special offer? Also, what are the more popular...
  45. A

    Could any one help me how to find IC in pspice software

    hi my name is ahmed nuh and I'm facing a problem for my project so could anyone help me how to find IC (integrating circuit) in pspice software or multism software.
  46. P

    Which Circuit Simulation Software Should I Use: Orcad Pspice or NI Multisim?

    Orcad Pspice or NI Multisim? which software should I start learning for simulating circuits? which would be beneficial for my future? or any other softwares?
  47. H

    How do I input a dependent current source in PSpice 9.2?

    Hello, I was wondering how to change the values of a dependent source in PSpice 9.2. For example, say I have a dependent current source that depends on the current flowing through some resistor and say that the current flowing through this dependent source is 2I. How do I input that into...
  48. C

    Simulating 30V Power Supply with Center Tapped Transformer in PSPICE

    my professor gave us a 30v power supply using a center tapped transformer and wanted us to simulate it in pspice. He told us to use the k linear function to connect inductors together. The problem is that I got it to work, but when I simulate it I get something that I don't know that I am...
  49. L

    Redrawing a Circuit in PSpice: Need Help!

    Excuse me , How to redraw this circuit into Pspice ?? I have done many times and it is wrong , poor me.. Please help
  50. X

    Pspice help RLC parrallel circuit.

    Hello everybody. I have an over-damped RLC parallel circuit. Using techniques taught, I solved for v(t) = 70e^(-10,000t)+20e^(-40,000t) V for t> zero. This indicates that my initial voltage is 90v. Using MATLAB (Part of the assignment) I verified this. I also found that Current as a function of...