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Pst File Corrupt Went From ~2Gb to 0Kb

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    I have outlook 2003. I opend it this morning and received an error message that the set of folders could not be expanded. So I closed the .pst file and then tried to reopen it. I then received an error that outlook did not recognize the file type. I then went to where the file is located and to my the suprise the file size is now 0Kb. I last successfully opend it on Thursday last week and it was working fine. I imagine it was aproaching 2Gb. Any chance this can be repaired? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Try and see if you can restore a shadow copy of the file from an earlier date.
    I shamelessly stole this image from another site on the internet. Find out where you pst file is, then right click on it and see if there's an older version that you can restore it to.
    You might get lucky and not lose much data.
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    The largest 32-bit signed number is 2 147 483 647. If you add 1, you get -2 147 483 648 (and an overflow). If Outlook uses signed number for the file size, the file size suddenly went negative!
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    OP hasn't been back since posting that message. This is simply a setup for spam.

    Thread closed.
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