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How to recover a corrupt 2007 Outlook pst file

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    I renamed a pst file on our server. I didn't make sure that Outlook was closed. I went to rename the pst and it corrupted the file. How can I get this to read as a .pst file again.
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    Golden rule of all file based computing - Always always keep a backup copy of important data files, do it frequently.
    I don't know exactly what corruption has occurred so I can't help with the specifics of your issue.
    If the file is now correctly named and Outlook can't read it there may not be a practical solution, the file will need to be recreated.
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    If you are running windows vista or higher, you may have the option to restore an earlier version of the file. There is a service in windows called volume shadow copy and it makes backups of files. Hopefully you have an older copy you can restore to.

    Here's page with steps and screenshots of a how to in windows 7. It's very similar in other versions of windows

    Scroll down to method 1 and give that a go. Hopefully, luck is on your side and an earlier version is present.
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