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[Python] finding the correct data mining approach

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    I'm having trouble finding the correct approach to my (fairly simple) example.

    Let's say I have months of data for log-in times of a certain website. The data has been selected and cleaned such that I have a list of Date_Time for each log-in.

    Now, suppose I wanted to predict the log-ins for the next two weeks by day and hour, based on these past trends.

    I imagine I would cluster the data by day (assuming beforehand that there will be different trends with respect to Monday vs. Friday) and make some regression analysis to predict the next two (say) Mondays.

    Similarly, I could cluster by the hour and do a regression analysis to extrapolate the trend of log-ins.

    Anyone know of a resource which tells you how to do this in Python? I want to keep this example fairly straightforward, but I'm open to any more ideas on how to model this behavior more efficiently.
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    There is also lowess.
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