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Python microcontroller

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    I ahve used C and C++ assembly lang introduction and few codes.
    which processor or microcontroller use phyton??
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    Well not directly. Python generally is run via an interpreter.
    You could run python on a Pi with an OS on it. Otherwise it is unlikely you'd find a microcontroller to directly run/interpret the python code.

    Yes you can compile python code into a executable but I would think it would be unlikely to find any for any specific microcontroller.
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    OK, raspberry pia i think it work on it.
    what is the beautiful in phyton??
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    Not sure what you're asking :)
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    There is no "phyton" -- the name of the language is Python, like the snake.
    Also, it's Raspberry Pi, as in ##\pi##.
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    Why it is pia?
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