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Interactive Website to Learn Python for EE Student

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    Hi, I'm trying to learn python for electrical engineering application. Is there any interactive website to learn this, especially the one with interactive compiler or result animation? Maybe equipped with microcontroller simulator, LED, and actuator? (if is it possible)
    So far, I've tried codecademy, checkio, and treehouse; all three of them provide great interactive learning process, but I don't think they specifically teach about how to use python in microcontroller which I need it the most.
    Thank you in advance!
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    Using python in a micro controller requires there be a python interpreter in the microcontroller, which is unlikely. Or that there be a python to assembly compiler for the microcontroller you are using, which is also unlikely. The other possibilty is to compile python to C code, which is far from a robust art.

    microcontroller development platforms are generally for C or assembly code.
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    Thank you for your explanation meBigGuy!
    I see, so can you suggest specific interactive website for learning C for microcontroller?
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    There is a software forum on this site with a faq, and I think there are probably many threads on learning C. Personally I have no experience with any C tutorial sites.

    You can search on Google for "tutorials on C for Arduino", maybe.
    This looked like a good read (not interactive) http://www.dsc.ufcg.edu.br/~rangel/Beginning%20C%20For%20Arduino%20%282012%29.pdf [Broken]

    Basically you first need to learn general C programming, then you need to learn how to interface to hardware libraries for your controller.
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    Noted, thanks for the answers meBigGuy!
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