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Homework Help: QFT: differential cross section from center of mass to lab frame

  1. Apr 3, 2013 #1
    I have the following process: two ingoing particles, a photon hitting a nucleus, and two outgoing particles, the nucleus and a pion. I have computed |M|2 and the differential cross section in the center of mass frame dσ/dΩCM; I now have to go into the lab frame, where the nucleus is initially at rest, and consider the limit of a infinite massive nucleus MN→∞, and compute dσ/dΩlab.

    Is there a general procedure to go from the first to the second? I first wrote dσ/dt and then multiplied it for a rather complicated expression that I found on a book to obtain dσ/dΩlab. However, taking the infinite massive nucleus limit, the result I get is not what I'm supposed to.
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    you should involve the fact
    (dσ/dΩ')lab dΩ'=(dσ/dΩ)CM dΩ,which exploits the fact that the number of scattered particles passing through a cross section is same in both frames.
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