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I Cross-Section from Lab Frame to C-O-M Frame

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    Dear Forum,

    I am searching for a good explanation and worked example that shows how to convert a inelastic cross-section from the lab frame to the center-of-mass frame. I need to first convert the energy (x-axis) from the lab frame to the COM frame. In addition, I need to convert the corresponding dσ/dΩ (y-axis) into the COM frame as well. I have been unable to find a good description of this in any book or notes.

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    well one can see the treatment of nuc; reactions in
    Atomic and Nuclear Physics . Vol.II, By Prof. S.N. Ghosal

    Publisher :S. Chand & Co., New Delhi , India
    (Chapter X -deals with the two descriptions- and as Dr. Ghoshal was an experimentalist he has dealt the interrelationship of two descriptions elaborately.)
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