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Qs: Auto Reboot, Norton Virus, Login

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    Hi. I have 3 computer questions. Hopefully someone will know some or all of them.

    Auto Reboot
    From time to time, I wake up in the morning to a freshly-rebooted computer. A message tells me that Windows was updated and it required a reboot. Why can't it just ask me to reboot my own computer? I lose everything I was working on. It's so rude of them to just assume that this is a good time for a reboot.

    How do I get rid of the Norton and MacAfee viruses. I don't care to pay for their products, and its annoying right in the middle of a powerpoint presentation, a window pops up telling me my computer is not protected. There is no "don't show me this message again" box. These two programs are worse than any virus I've ever caught.

    When I re-boot my computer, it pauses in the middle of the process so I can select a user. But if there's only one user on the computer, this seems meaningless. Why does it have to ask a question to which there is only 1 answer. I've heard there's a way to make it bypass this step so rebooting my computer is only a 1 step process for me.
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    1) I'm pretty sure if you go to Control Panel->Windows Update there should be a button that lets you turn of auto reboot on update

    2) Uninstall the antivirus software you have, use Firefox and be careful what emails you open.

    3) I think in Control Panel -> User Accounts there is a button to do auto login.
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