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Quadratic functions skipped in pre-calculus?

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    I have a quick question regarding Calculus and what should be covered in pre-cal.

    I'm currently in a pre-cal course and according to the syllabus it seems the teacher is skipping over quadratic functions. I only noticed because for the most part her course just follows along with the book but the quadratics were one of the few sections not covered.

    Should I self study? Is there something special about quadratic functions that I need to know for Calc?
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    Make sure that you're able to find the roots of the quadratic function. The rest can safely be skipped as it will be covered in calculus anyway (and it will be covered better in calculus as you don't need to memorize silly formula's anymore).
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    there is a chapter covering zeroes of polynomials "of higher degree" which seems to be everything over 3rd order, I'm guessing she felt that would be enough. I suppose I should have trusted, eh?

    I'm looking forward to forgetting that quadratic equation =)
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    Sadly, the quadratic equation is about the only one you can not forget :biggrin:
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    oops! good to know...
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