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Quantitative analysis -- manufacturing Furfural from bagasse

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    Hello everyone..

    Here is the thing I am working on a project where I am manufacturing Furfural from bagasse. The reaction is thermodynamically possible. I took some amount of bagasse and added it to a reactor at atmospheric pressure. I then added diluted Sulphuric acid which acts as catalyst, NaCl ( to increase the selectivity of furfural) and indirectly heated the mixture to produce furfural vapours which later were cooled. Now my problem is i want to find out the percentage purity of furfural distillate and residue as both has furfural, H2So4, and water (in distillate) and furfural, H2So4, water and salt ( in residue). I approached many institutes which had gas chromatography but were not compatible. So I am planning to use quantitative analysis to find approximate amount of each component I searched many times on internet but was disappointed. So I thought you guys might help me out.

    Thankyou in advance.
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    what about raman or ftir? what were the hang ups for gas chromatography (volatilizing, volatility, thermal stability, derivitization)? maybe NMR?
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    They said our product was corrosive as it was high in concentration as the mixture was distilled to get our product and they also needed a transparent pure furfural but the furfural we ordered for comparing our product with was 98% pure and was of dark brown color. So i was searching for quantitative analysis to find approximate percentage purity.
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