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Quantum entanglement: need ideas for creative writing...

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    So I'm working on a creative writing exercise, and I need some ideas. It's futuristic science fiction, set about 100 years in the future. The plot in a nutshell is that a rogue element of the government (think DARPA, only more evil) is trying to develop faster than light communication using quantum entanglement in order to contact a malevolent alien race in a distant galaxy.

    Yes, I know this is technically not possible, but it's fiction! So I need something semi plausible in the way of some future technology that would allow quantum entanglement to be used for communication.

    Perhaps more importantly, the protagonists will need some hypothetical technology with which to jam the device, thereby preventing the message from being sent, thus saving the planet.

    ETA: In the story, the protagonists are a group of university scientists, so whatever plot device I come up with has to be something subtle. It's a David and Goliath situation, so they can't just storm the castle and blow up the device or something. It has to be something they can use at a distance, remotely, without being detected, like a quantum jamming signal or something.
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    Well, there is this cool little property in quantum physics called the monogamy of entanglement.

    Let's say we have 3 particles A, B and C.

    The monogamy of entanglement says that the more A and B are entangled with each other, the less C or any other particle can be entangled with either A or B.

    To jam such a hypothetical source, say to keep A from sending a message to B, I'd find some similar object C, and work on entangling it with A. Maybe with the same sort of technology that entangled A and B originally.

    Easy peasy:)
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    It's really funny you say that because in the story the aliens are able to travel faster than light by projecting themselves holographically. The story presupposes that the universe is a holographic simulation, and the aliens are able to essentially hack into that mechanism and exploit it for intergalactic travel. The story also presupposes that space is an illusion created by the simulation, so there is in fact no such thing as distance between planets and galaxies, meaning all travel is in fact "interdimensional."

    But, the alien's holographic technology can only take them short "distances" through dimensions. The plot is that they're trying to gain access to the higher dimensions to kill the simulation's creator and take over the universe, which is why they need earth. In the story, earth exists in a dimension between them and the higher ones, and there are these natural stargates (ie wormholes) that connect the various dimensions. So to make a long story short, if they can travel to our dimension holographically, then they can open the wormhole and take over the creator's technology in his own dimension, thereby taking over the whole universe.

    Thanks for the tip:)

    ...but I'm not touching Donald Trump with a ten foot pole lol.
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    Okay, why do posts keep vanishing? Am I in the wrong view or something???
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    I have know idea, how many posts have been deleted. I posted the day after you posted and it was deleted or lost, so I reposted. I assumed with this being a creative writing exercise, some ideas around the edge of science, religion, and conspiracy theory might be ammusing.

    I wrote something about possible varieties of aliens, real and or holographic, based around the alleged Roswell crash and ghosty type thingys taking over your mind. I drew a parallel with transmigration from shamanism, and reincarnation from buddhism, etc. I also suggested we are all automatons responding only to external influences from ghosty thingys in an alternative reality.

    Life is real isnt it, or is life an illussion.

    Am I getting into your story now

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    Yea, I didn't see any of that. At least two or three posts have vanished that I've seen, and apparently more have vanished that I never even got a chance to read. I wondered why no one was responding to this thread.
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    There is a problem with using entanglement to talk to someone who is already far away you need both particles to entangle them and then you can separate them.....how do you give the evil alien the other particle?
    Or is it just hand waving in that case sounds good
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    Okay, see that's why I'm here lol. Thanks for the heads up!

    BUT, let's say that the aliens visited earth in the past and left the device. The whole ancient aliens thing is hot right now, so I could classify it under "found alien technology." That would help to explain why the evil DARPA people even know the aliens exist. Let's say they found some Sumerian tablets and the device, giving them enough info to get the job done.
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    That would ask the question if they did it before long ago why is it hard now?
    Around the world in 80 days is a lot less impressive now.
    A good logic chain is important
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    Let's say the device is broken and they're trying to reverse engineer it. Why did the aliens leave in the first place? Idk, maybe some good aliens came along and ran them off. I'll have to rethink the plot now.
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    Try a third party with unobtainium tech that neither one can hack yet.
    A left behind walkie talkie net
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    Those posts were deleted because the member was banned for pushing their own personal theory in another area of the forum and only thinly disguising it here in the writing section.
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    I like Andy's idea of a third party. Another faction, perhaps an underground resistance, fighting the aliens would add another layer to work with and open up other possibilities.
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    The aliens could be controlling information, trying to control peoples thoughts and ideas. For quantum entanglement to work huge magnetic fields are required not normally seen in nature, and the particles need to be in close proximity. Normal particles have mass, space or the ether has no mass, and might not require the same levels of energy to entangle as particles do. Everything from hydrogen atoms to buckey balls can be entangled. Space having less mass could be entangled with less effort. Quantum particles come into and out of existence, in an uncontrolled way, perhaps applying a focused field??, into space it could be mirrored at the other side of the galaxy. Quantum matter could become permanent matter. All particles including quantum matter are just waves or vortices in space(the ether) as are all forces.

    You could have qauntum entangled machines, delivered to the planet a few millenia ago by ET´s masquerading as sun gods. The machines would already have a precious reserve of space from the other side of the galaxy already entangled waiting for use. Once destroyed the alien threat would be over. etc etc

    Your post above refers to aliens being ran off by good or bad aliens, who then left. Perhaps they are still here in charge of the internet.

  16. Apr 2, 2017 #15
    But if you entangle two bits of space how do you move them apart
    If you can move space you can just move the space you are in and talk
    face to pulsating amorphous silicon plasmas
    If you can reach out to entangle distant bits of space how do you detect
    Space jiggle without invocation of bugs bunny
  17. Apr 3, 2017 #16
    In order to make the story concept work we may need to think around the edges of reality.
    Using your plasma idea, in a supernovae there are intense magnetic fields enough to entangle huge amounts of space, particles, quantum matter, etc. These are blasted in different directions across space and are collected by aliens, who cleverly use these entangled particles they have collected to manipulate entangled particles at the other side of the supernovae.
    Space jiggling with the Bugs Bunny effect, would have to come from the concept of the ether and all points being connected, then invoke metaphysics or some other Wiley Coyote idea.

    Alternatively using the concept of the ether, to help the story along. The Micholson Morley experiment only proved we are not travelling through the ether. The ether is equivalent to space, space is travelling with us in our galaxy. In other galaxies space is being dragged by solar systems, it has inertia, and carries all forces etc. Space is not a none entity, it makes up the majority of the universe, and has many properties, the double slit experiment shows it has memory of what has passed etc. The ether is the source of gravitational forces, a disturbance or vibration in the ether causes gravity. A gravitational drive which develops a black hole or gravitational anomaly in front of a space ship might allow the aliens to get here at a speed in excess of the speed of light via continual 0 g acceleration(free fall across the universe). The downside being if you hit a spec of space dust, going the opposite way relativly your space ship might be broken.

  18. Apr 3, 2017 #17
    Messing with the idea of having to move entangled space or particles apart. If we mess with a little paradox, the chicken and egg scenario. Which came first an infinite space or zero space in the universe, perhaps both exist at the same time, and all points in space are connected, and therefore do not need moving apart, they just need connecting by magic or a wormhole, which the aliens can create.

    I am sure this has all been done on the star trek documentaries:).
  19. Apr 3, 2017 #18
    The aliens could understand or live in other dimensions which the basic human life form or instruments do not perceive. Humans are only vaguely aware of quantum entanglement effects, a whole new way of viewing space could be dreamt up based on a hidden dimension, and "spooky action at a distance".

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