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Quantum mechanicss after electrical and electronics engineering?

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    Hi. I am very much interested in physics but my locality lacks good college for undergraduate physics but has good engineering colleges. I was thinking of taking up electrical and electronics engineering hoping that it is related to physics. I need advice if I can take up particle physics or quantum mechanics at post graduation level in a US university and become a researcher after doing four year engineering course in electrical and electronics.
    Thank you
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    Obviously I cant speak to all the universities out there, but our local university would admit you to a Masters in physics with an Engineering degree - the main thing is to have the requisite math behind you.

    Many good engineering colleges have applied math or applied physics degrees that would be a better choice for that purpose than electronics.

    I would do applied math which would give you a very wide choice post-grad - not just physics and QM but mathematical economics, statistics etc etc.

    I actually don't have a physics degree, but a degree in applied math and I picked up QM just fine.

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