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Quantum, PDE, topology, and particle physics texts, oh my!

  1. May 6, 2009 #1
    Hello all!

    So, I'll be taking first-semester quantum mechanics and partial differential equations this fall, and would like to get a little bit of a head start by reading/working some problems on my own this summer. After some initial browsing, I've heard mixed-to-poor reviews concerning Griffiths for quantum, but I'm really not sure where to start; I'm looking for a nice accessible textbook that would be quite readable and not unnecessarily rigorous after one semester each of E&M and modern physics. And I have no idea which PDE texts would be good for self-study, so... (I took ODEs about a year ago, as well, but nothing more since then.)

    The topology aspect is more independent interest, as I won't be able to take any sort of class on it until next spring or so at the earliest. However, having real analysis and abstract algebra courses under my belt, I think I would like to scope topology out a bit too.

    Any book recommendations for any of the three subjects would be greatly appreciated! :)

    P.S. Has anyone read Griffiths on Elementary Particle Physics? If so, what did you think? That's a book I've been wanting to check out for a while too.
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    topology = Essential Topology, Springer

    Concerning quantum mech, we have 100 threads about introduction books in QM in this sub-forum.
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    I think Griffiths for particle physics is a great book if you want to learn particle physics without knowing QFT. I'm also under the impression (although I could be wrong) that there is a new edition out, so maybe he won't talk about the top quark not yet being discovered or other silly things.
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    George Jones

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    I agree. Nice discussion of Feynman diagrams.
    I have the new edition. Nice discussion of neutrino masses and neutrino oscillations.
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    shankar's qm

    applied pdes by haberman

    munkres for topology
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