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I Quark and anti quark neutral particles question

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    Hi there ppl!
    I have a question !
    I learned that neutral miuon ( μ0) is made of a quark and his anti quark (can't remember which) which explains it's very little lifetime(around 10-24s if i'm not wrong).
    Now i wonder how two particles ,that are meant to destroy each other,form for a little time another particle with it's own characteristics?
    Have a nice day!
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    There is no particle called "miuon" and no particle with the symbol μ0.

    There is a muon (μ- or μ+), it is charged and has a lifetime of microseconds, there is muonium (a bound state of proton and muon), and there is "true muonium" (not yet seen), a bound state of muon and antimuon. None of those are made out of quark plus antiquark, because the muon has nothing to do with quarks.

    See the links posted by nikkom for quark/antiquark bound states. They are all very short-living.
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    Vanadium 50

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    You learned wrong, I am afraid. There is no such particle.
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    A meson with lifetime in units of 10-24 s is ρ0.
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    yes i was talking about the π0 sorry for the confusion!!
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    Quarkonia are mesons, i.e., the bound state of a quark and an antiquark. Usually one talks about "quarkonia" in the case of the heavy-quark case, i.e., charm and bottom bound states like the ##J/\psi## and ##\Upsilon##.
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