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Quatum Fields, Strings, and Parallel Universe

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    Hi I know I have been asking many questions. It seems this stuff is a lot more difficult than I thought so:

    1.) Is the Quantum Field the field responsible for the creation of forces and particles, if not what does it say in a nutshell.

    2.) If there are parallel universes do they affect each other or exist independently, if they do how so.

    3.) Do the strings in string theory come from some type of field? If not where do they come from.

    Thanks a bunch guys.
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    1) Yes.
    2) If they exist, they exist independently.
    3) It is not yet known. Currently, the most popular idea is that strings come out from M-theory, but nobody actually knows what M-theory really is.
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    If a "parallel universe" has no way of interacting with our own universe, then it does not exist in any scientific sense of the word. In the naive sense inexplicably popularized on the History channel, no, parallel universes cannot exist. If you don't interact with the universe, you don't get to be in any respected scientific theory.
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