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Question about electricity and magnetism

  1. Jul 15, 2009 #1
    Why is it that 2 wires carrying parallel current attract each other i think they should repeal imagine 2 wires carrying electrons to the left then the current is to the right, in the reference frame of the moving electrons it seems like the electrons on the other wire are not moving so the should create a static electric field that should repeal the electrons in the wire using that particles of same charge repeal each other this has been bothering for a long time and i would appreciate i somebody could help me thanks in advance
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    When there are parallel currents in two parallel wires, they attract one another. This also true if the observer is in a moving frame where the current in one wire is zero, because in doing the transform, the azimuthal magnetic fields in BOTH wires in the rest frame are transformed to radial electric fields in the observer's frame, even if the current in one wire is zero. These two electric fields either repel or attract. See
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