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Question about going into EE/CmpE

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    Hello all, I will be going to Uni soon as either an EE or a CmpE (probably CmpE). I appeal to your experienced selfs and ask if you could recommend some books/topics/activities that you think I should read/know/do or that you wish you had had before you started off. I know the physics and basic electronics and programming but I am looking to get an edge. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
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    I think a great way to get an edge is to develop your intutition. That way, you will understand new concepts more quickly when they come up in classes. A good book for both EE and CmpE is The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill.
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    The book carlgrace suggested is awesome. I used it as a supplement to my learning throughout my EE undergrad.

    My recommendation is, if you can afford it, to buy some hobby kits that provide a fun introduction to CE-type projects. They will help you not only learn new things, but get your head in the game, which will be a huge advantage over other freshmen.
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    It is a great book, but be sure to keep its limitations in mind. It presents electronics as a mile wide but an inch deep. In reality electronics is a mile wide AND a mile deep. So, Horowitz and Hill is a great learning aid, but don't make the mistake of thinking you understand electronics after you read it. Study hard in your classes!
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