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Question about GPU (I'm clueless)

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    I am trying to do an analysis of an Xbox (funny, I know), and I'm going to try and redesign the cooling system, with different fans/heat sinks and such...

    To perform my before/after analysis however, I will need to know some things about the GPU, since those are the main heat sources.

    First of all, if the GPU is rated at 175 W, can this be the assumed amount of heat dissipation? 175 J per second? Or is that usually different than the actual amount of heat it disspiates? (unfortunately, I have no idea how G/CPUs work).

    Here is a picture of the label of the GPU


    Is there a way to tell how much heat/energy this will dissipate? Are the ratings an accurate measure of this?

    Thank you!
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    I think that 175 W is how much power that adapter can give. If you multiply 12V with 14.2 A you get 170W. Gpu is dissipating different amounts of power as is it working.
    Assuming that the inner workings are the same like in computer processor, those things can go up to 100 °C. You will need to see what are originals fans on such processors. Read their rating and try to improvise.

    But all in all I wouldn't do that redesign. Mainly because such cooling systems are designed at very high level of refinement giving them a tight fit, which is in most cases very important. You can have a huge fan blowing over a large area and getting a very little cooling effect.
    And isn't this AC adapter?

    Assuming here that you are talking about graphics processing unit.
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