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Homework Help: Question about notation (hyperplanes)

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I have a question for which I'm supposed to show that a function maps into "a hyperplane {u in ℝ5:u5=1}".

    Does this mean that the target space is the set of vectors in ℝ5 such that the dot product of u with itself (5 times) is 1? Doesn't seem right...

    Any clarification is appreciated.

    EDIT: I think I figured it out. The u^5 is meant to denote the 5th coordinate, which makes a lot of sense in my case. Thank you for reading anyways.
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    That's right. This is the "plane" of all points of the form (a, b, c, d, 1).
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    Did the original problem use superscripts (u5) or subscripts (u5)? The latter form would make it clearer that it's talking about the 5th coordinate of a vector in R5, rather than the 5th power of some number u.
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