Question about number of tubes in PFR

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In chemical reaction Engineering,

I need to know which is better to have many PRF tubes with less volume or to have single PFR tubes with large volume? How to decide what is better ?


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Usually comes down to the related problems of achieving most suitable reaction temperatures and optimising heat transfer .


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There is a one more consideration . The flow in large diameter tubes is more likely to have radial and recirculation components . These components can affect the reaction rate and in any case make the plug flow model less valid .

Gandhar NImkar

If you are considering to use many PFR tubes then i would suggest you to use them in parallel. but it also depends on the rate of reaction, and your desired product composition as in PFR composition is different at different point. Use any system ( Either parallel or single) which gives optimum area, rate of reaction, your desired product composition etc.
For a given total reactor volume, you need to consider the pressure drop (pumping) and heat transfer requirements, the operating costs, the cost of matetials, and the safety of the system.

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