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Homework Help: Question about Velocity, involving pulley 2x weights and friction is a factor.

  1. Aug 13, 2009 #1
    Figure Q3 shows a connected system arrangement.

    • The block of mass 400 kg is released from rest in the position shown,
    • it pulls the 300 kg mass up the ramp of angle 30o.
    • the coefficient of kinetic friction between the 300 kg mass and the ramp is 0.5

    Determine the velocity of the 400 kg block when it has descended 6 m.

    Please explain your answer if you give me one, and try and be sure it's correct or atleast tell me if you are not confident enough about it. I have been through soo many exsamples from 3 dif. books and I can not understand them enough to apply what I learn, probably doesn't help that they're all written by W.bolton :). And also can someone tell me that W.Bolton's books are extremely complicated so I can feel smart again?

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

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    Homework forum policy is to show an attempt at a solution (as shown by #3 in bold font)

    Always start by free body diagrams. You should already know this.
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