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Homework Help: Question from Problems in General Physics (Irodov)

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    Following is a question from "Problems in General Physics - Irodov". I think I should be able to solve this problem but I don't get a part of the question. Wondering if somebody can clarify what does " velocity which is n=2 times less than the river flow velocity" means is mathematical terms.


    A boat moves relative to the water with a velocity which is n=2 times less than the river flow velocity.At what angle to the stream direction must the boat move to minimize drifting
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    Doc Al

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    That's just an odd waying of saying: If the river speed (with respect to the ground) is V, then the speed of the boat (with respect to the water) is V/2.
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    From what you have posted I would say that in colloquial terms it simply means that the velocity of the water relative to the bank is twice the velocity of the boat relative to the water.

    Edit: I see that Doc got there before me.
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    Thank you guys. I guess this is what happens when there is literal translation from russian to english.
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