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Question on selecting an engineering major

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    I'm currently undecided between ME and EE. I have much more of an interest in how electronics work than machines. The thing is that I'm not sure how good I am at electrical circuits, etc. I have never taken an electronics class - only Physics I (mechanics). I got an A- in physics and A- in both calc I and II. My concern isn't that I don't have what it takes to major in EE, but how much harder is it than ME. Is the workload/difficulty a lot harder with respect to ME? Thanks
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    You should try the career guidance forums for this. Or someone can move your post if they see it.
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    EE requires more advanced math than ME. If you like math, go to EE.
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    Many engineering courses have a common or similar first year and it is easy to transfer at the end of the first year if you find you have started the wrong course.

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    The engineering college I attended had different admission standards for each branch of engineering (in the order EE, ChE, ME, CE), and it was difficult to transfer later.
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    Check the prerequisites at your university for starting an EE major. You don't typically need to know much, if anything, about electronics at the start. That is what the introductory circuits courses are for. Also, depending on what branch of EE you specialize in (e.g. signal processing/communication theory, computer engineering), you may never look at another circuit after those introductory courses.

    Workload is typically pretty heavy in any engineering major. EE is more mathematically oriented than most.
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    If it's anything like my college's degree plan, you'll be taking the same classes regardless of major for the first couple years, which will include a basic E&M course that includes some work with circuits. In fact, about three quarters of my E&M course's labs involved constructing circuits.

    Start with EE. You can always change later.
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