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Question on the Inherent Instability of Lagrangian points

  1. Dec 17, 2014 #1
    The question revokes around my personal hypothesis that there is two forces connected with the Gravitational Field one obviously attraction between two bodies that is linear and the second is a less powerful repulsive force that emanates in a spiral motion off of rotating bodies that causes the tendency of object to rotate around larger objects in one general direction (like the planets in the solar system). Has anyone tried to factor out other effects like the gravitational pull of other planets, moons, the force of the solar wind and other known phenomenon to see if there is a definite measurable effect on satellites in the orbit of the Lagrangian points. Obviously two factors would affect the repulsive force; Spin and Mass. The Sun is larger and spins faster then the earth so the repulsive effect would be larger and the moon doesn’t spin at all except in it’s relation to the earth.

    If one could find a definable effect, then obviously there would be another as of yet undiscovered force that might account for at least a part of the predicted amounts of dark energy and matter in the universe and lead to a more accurate theory of gravity that would explain the many unexplained anomalies in orbits of objects in the universe. Either way as risky as it might seem, it would make for a great scientific paper.
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    There have been many, many sensitive gravitational tests, including many from spacecraft and satellites both in orbit and heading out of the solar system. There have been practically no unexplained deviations from standard GR, and the very few that have cropped up have very plausible explanations that leave GR intact. We've also observed plenty of massive objects that are rotating much more rapidly than the Sun. If there were any such effect like you're describing, we would have noticed it.

    Since personal theories are against PF policy, this thread shall remain closed.
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