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Question on vertical pole and equilibrium

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    I have this problem where a pole is vertically balanced, and there are three wires attach on top of it. The wires are fasten to the ground. It looks like a three side pyramid. The question tells me that one of the cable has a tension of 6000 Newtons. How can I find the tension on the other two cable? The wires are not equally distanced. All the lengths are given as well, and I know the unit vectors too.

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    You need to calculate the components for each force vector (which are directed along the wires). To be in equilibrium the x and y components much each sum to 0.
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    How would I set up the equation with the 6000N?
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    I thought about it. After find the xyz components for the 6000N rope, I made the xyz components of the other two ropes equal to it. Is this the right approach?
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