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Question regarding paper 5 ocr physics Click this!

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    Hi , I m greg, i am having problems with the paper 5 design experiment section. Its like when i see the question, i am totally blank i cant predict which apparatus suitable for the experiment and my exams will be in 2 days time.....Is there any tips and tricks for the experiment planning section?..Any physics expert have any solution to this problem? HELP!!!
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    Perhaps you could start of by memorizing the experiments you do during tutorials. Its also always the best to start off by practicing alot on practice papers. Get past yr exam question and practise them again and again.

    Before entering the examination hall. Make sure u know all the steps to take by heart. Take also what u learn from theory to assist you to using the correct apparatus and sorts.

    Note: Exams are just there to gauge how much you have learn and not there to kill you. Remember, whatever ur lecturer says is very important. They know exactly what is required for you to score well, make sure you make good use of them.
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    OCR exams tend to be tricky and uve got only 2 days u say ..... well theres not much hope for u there to "learn" how to do Paper 5 .....

    Check out mark schemes and stuff ..... memorize that ..... and keep ur calm in the examination hall .... isnt OCR paper 5 planning and design ??
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    ya its planning and design...okie okie i ll try off think of sumthing.. what i am worried is when i c the design part i cant think of what apparatus to used? i see the marking scheme b4 but sum parts its hard to understand :confused:
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