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Questions for Cooling the earth?

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    Remembering 10 years ago ish, hearing about a plan in Norway using a mirror in space to reflects light into the North Pole. I am not if they have done it or not but here is the deal, earth is in space (which is at around Absolute zero) how long it takes for the earth to freeze if light of sun reduce in reaching the earth or disappear?

    Let’s imagine a controllable Curtin in space switch by human and rotating with sun could this cool down the earth? Is this practical?

    The other thing I would like to know is ,

    what is going to happen if scientist could make huge amount of smoke in space(outer atmosphere)would it follows the earth rotation ?for how long?

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    Simon Bridge

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    That's a lot of speculation in there. Not the sort of thing we do here.

    There is not enough information to answer the questions with any kind of accuracy.
    I can have a go giving you an idea of the size and complexity of the topics you have touched upon.

    Earth would freeze "pretty fast" if someone switched the Sun off ... see how fast it takes for winter to come? All that happened is the relative orientation changed. But how fast? You could probably work out how fast to totally freeze the surface by looking up the rate of cooling and realizing that 70% of the surface is water. The core could probably keep going for much longer but there'd be nobody around to care.

    More light on the poles would just melt the ice... and store more heat on the surface.

    The "curtain" would be where?
    Lets say we moved some object so that it stayed between the Earth and the Sun - that would mean putting it at L1 (1.5million kms out) ... from that, and looking up the facts about the Solar system, and using geometry, you should be able to work out how wide the object has to be to block out a certain percentage of sunlight.

    See? .. so your questions need more work.
    But I also think you need to understand more about the problem you are trying to solve here too.
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