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Questions on Bending Stresses (which area will have 0 stress)

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    Please have a look on the right most picture in "Stress in large bending deformation".
    The Stress distribution shows that the bending center is not locate at the middle of the cross-section. (which also happen at connection caculation)

    However, base on normal caculation on a beam under bending, the equation used(Stress=M*y/Ixx) is still assuming zero value at crosssection's center line.

    I wonder what is their relationship.

    Thank you very much in advence.
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    stress = My/Ixx

    When y=0, stress = 0.

    Do you know what "y" is?(it is not the the distance of plane from the center plane of the section always) Have you read about the neutral plane?
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    Neutral plan ftw!
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