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Questions regarding University Physics textbook

  1. Sep 23, 2014 #1
    Hi I'm planning to self study physics from University physics by Freedman so i have a couple of questions

    1) how important is the Mastering physics package if the goal is to self-study? Could i make it without masterin physics?
    2) Should i get the technology update edition?
    3) What are the major differences between 12th and 13th edition? It seems to me that 12th edition is much cheaper, but I also want good explanations and a clear text so I'm not left wondering if i clearly understood the concept.
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    Publishers issue frequent new editions of textbooks like this one, to cut down on the number of students who buy used copies instead of new ones. The changes are almost certainly very small: re-shuffled and re-numbered homework problems, changes in page numbers, etc., that make it difficult to use an old edition with a professor's syllabus that was written using the new edition.

    For self-study this doesn't make any difference, so feel free to go with the cheaper edition.

    I've never used any of the add-on stuff nor required students to use it, so I can't comment on how beneficial it might be.
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