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Fundamentals of Physics is a calculus-based physics textbook by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Jearl Walker. The textbook is currently in its eleventh edition (published 2018). The current version is a revised version of the original 1960 textbook Physics for Students of Science and Engineering by Halliday and Resnick, which was published in two parts (Part I containing Chapters 1-25 and covering mechanics and thermodynamics; Part II containing Chapters 26-48 and covering electromagnetism, optics, and introducing quantum physics). A 1966 revision of the first edition of Part I changed the title of the textbook to Physics. It is widely used in colleges as part of the undergraduate physics courses, and has been well known to science and engineering students for decades as "the gold standard" of freshman-level physics texts. In 2002, the American Physical Society named the work the most outstanding introductory physics text of the 20th century.
The first edition of the book to bear the title Fundamentals of Physics, first published in 1970, was revised from the original text by Farrell Edwards and John J. Merrill. Walker has been the revising author since 1990.
In the more recent editions of the textbook, beginning with the fifth edition, Walker has included "checkpoint" questions. These are conceptual ranking-task questions that help the student before embarking on numerical calculations.
The textbook covers most of the basic topics in physics:

Special RelativityThe extended edition also contains introductions to topics such as quantum mechanics, atomic theory, solid-state physics, nuclear physics and cosmology. A solutions manual and a study guide are also available.

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  1. Florian Geyer

    Other A question about strange claims in some textbooks

    Hello respected member To those who reached by this message, I hope it finds you all well. When I was wandering and skimming some textbooks -as I usually do to get some insight and plan my future studying- I came across a textbook which made some very strange claims, its called the physics of...
  2. Muu9

    Intro Physics Physics textbook recommendation for young gifted child

    They've gone through calculus (Essential Calculus by Stewart) but haven't had a formal physics class yet (but a lot of pop-physics reading). I recommended Thinking Physics followed by Conceptual Physics by Hewitt, followed by a meaty calc-based book like Krane or YF, but I wonder if an easy...
  3. M

    Other Meteorology/Atmospheric Physics Textbook for Physics Undergrad Seniors

    Hi! I am looking for a (recent - about 2020 or sooner but anything is welcome) meteorology textbook that actually explains things in detail. I am specifically interested in tornadoes like everyone else, but I have a solid physics background and want to actually learn about them. Does anyone know...
  4. TGV320

    Classical Looking for introductory level physics textbook

    Hello, I am currently preparing to learn the 8.01 course "Physics I" via the MIT OCW and I am trying to find an adequate textbook for that purpose. In the three courses that I have found, the first two use: Young, H. D., and R. A. Freedman. University Physics. which is quite expensive in my...
  5. K

    Classical Looking for a physics textbook which shows how to develop theory

    I was wondering if there is any such textbook which shows how a real physicist actually goes about developing models and or theories to explain experimental observations. I want to see how it is done in practice. Is there such a book? At a level that an undergraduate can understand. It is great...
  6. Cutter Ketch

    Intro Physics Searching for a Classic Physics Textbook with Autostereograms

    Perhaps this is a fever dream, but I seem to recall a classic Physics textbook that had illustrations of 3D vectors using autostereograms. However, I can't remember which one (or find any evidence that I'm not making this up). I also have the notion that this was very early, well before the...
  7. R

    Quantum Modern Physics Textbook Recommendations for Top-Tier Universities

    I seek current textbook recommendations for Modern Physics (Relativity, Quantum, Nuclear, Particles), upper undergraduate and graduate level, preferably that which are used at top-tier universities. Suggestions appreciated.
  8. M

    Find Your Ideal Physics Textbook: Exercises Included

    Hi Does anyone know a book of general physics (which covers the subjects of physics as a whole) with complete exercises?
  9. jojoj

    Intro Physics A good physics textbook with clear and concise explanations?

    I'm currently in my first year in a physics with med physics degree and I find the textbook we are using not helpful (physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach (4th Edition) by Randall D. Knight). I find the textbook too wordy. So I am looking for a more clear and concise...
  10. James2020

    Intro Physics Roger Muncaster A-Level Physics Textbook (4th edition + more)

    Hello, This is an invaluable textbook which I regularly use to self-educate myself before teaching students however something that would be particularly useful would be answers to all the end of chapter questions. I know numerical answers are given but that it. I know it’s unlikely due to the...
  11. K

    A Can we always rewrite a Tensor as a differential form?

    I read in the book Gravitation by Wheeler that "Any tensor can be completely symmetrized or antisymmetrized with an appropriate linear combination of itself and it's transpose (see page 83; also this is an exercise on page 86 Exercise 3.12). And in Topology, Geometry and Physics by Michio...
  12. dRic2

    Evaluate the following integral from a physics textbook

    Using spherical coordinates I can write ##d^3 k = 2\pi k^2 \sin \phi dk d \phi## (where I've already preformed the integration along the azimuthal angle, yielding the factor ##2 \pi##). Btw I'm sorry for my unfortunate notation: usually ##\phi## is the azimuthal angle, but here it is the polar...
  13. B

    Intro Physics Calculus based intro physics textbook recommendations?

    Hi, I'm a first year physics student who still hasn't found a textbook for his class. Our professor mentioned that any calculus based book is okay, but I can't seem to find anything! He suggested Halliday and Resnick's Fundamentals of Physics (extended edition), and although it covers the...
  14. MrsTesla

    Atomic Atomic Physics Textbook Reviews: Best Books & Alternatives

    Hello, Next semester I'll be in my 3rd year of a physics degree in a UK university and I'll have a course on Atomic Physics. The recommended textbooks are: D G C Jones (1997). Atomic Physics. G K Woodgate (1983). Elementary Atomic Structure. Does anyone know if they are good? Are there better...
  15. M

    Classical Which resources should I use to prepare for the F=ma contest and USAPhO?

    What textbook should I go through to be prepared for the F=MA contest and advance to USAPhO? Is Khan Academy AP Physics Enough? I have started HRK Physics but it seems to me to be quite boring, and out of ~50 practice problems at the end of each chapter I would say ~4-5 of them are interesting...
  16. MatthewNITX

    Relativity Suggestions for a Physics Textbook on Special & General Relativity

    Hey my fellow physics-students/physicists. I'd like to ask if you guys could suggest me a textbook/s that sufficient for integrated course of "special" and "general relativity". More precisely, That contain about: Introduction about the birth of relativity and principle, and the transformation...
  17. S

    Am I looking at the right Physics textbook?

    Hi, I'm a college graduate, and I don't know if or when I'll ever get a graduate degree. But I wanted to try learn and get very knowledgeable in physics on my own at my own pace. Right now I am reading and doing the problems in Physics fundamentals 10th edition by walker, Holliday, and...
  18. Quantumfied

    What if a modern physics textbook found itself back in time

    Okay guys, I’ve been wondering how different would the world be if something as simple as my calculus based physics textbook found itself back in time around 300 years ago. For the sake of the argument assume some rift opened up and swallowed my book sending it back to the year 1720. Let’s...
  19. Mahavir

    Intro Physics Physics textbook with metrology chapters

    Hi everyone, For my intro to Physics class, I'm looking for a resource that has a wide variety of metrology questions that I could use to practice. Does anyone happen to have a good one off the top of their head, please? I could look elsewhere but I'm hoping someone's personal experience can...
  20. R

    Classical University Physics textbook topics

    Does anyone have the latest University Physics (Young) textbook and know if there is a discussion of "jerk" in it? THanks, JP
  21. jamalkoiyess

    Studying How to study an advanced physics textbook effectively?

    Hello PF, This by no means the first time I inquire about the topic. I have read a lot on how to study from textbooks and I have practiced all methods and read extensively. Yet, I have never felt that I truly accomplished my purpose and mastered the given material. The thing is that while...
  22. Mahavir

    Intro Physics Physics textbook with lots of medicine-related examples

    Hello everyone, So, I'm about to start a medical degree and one of the core courses involves Physics with a very heavy focus on medicine-related coursework. There isn't a core textbook as of yet but I'm trying to find a textbook that is primarily focused on the basics of Physics (mostly...
  23. J

    Classical Textbooks to qualify for USAPhO?

    What textbook should I get for preparation for f=ma granted I literally know nothing in physics as of now? I've heard David Morin's "Introduction to Classical Mechanics" is nice as well as "Fundamentals of Physics" by Resnick, Halladay, and Walker. Is there a textbook which I can use for both...
  24. J

    Other What's the Best Physics Textbook for a Gap Year Review?

    Hi, I've just finished A Level Physics, and after a gap year I'm headed to do Physics at Exeter. I'm looking for a textbook or online course or something that has lots of A Level and (maybe slightly higher) Physics questions that I can work through over the course of this year. Does anyone have...
  25. M

    Classical What Textbooks are best for self-study for SAT Physics Test

    I am planning on taking SAT Subject test in Physics in few months, but I don't know which textbook is best to study all physics concepts that will be tested. I have a basic knowledge of algebra and almost none of calculus, as they didn't teach them back in high school, but I really want to...
  26. G

    Classical Physics textbook for undergraduate level, self study

    Hello, I want to learn Physics, starting from mechanics to quantum mechanics and such. My brother is a physics student and he uses the University Physics text. This seems to be extremely popular- all my friends have also studied with this text. Is this a good book to get and start from page 1...
  27. Eslam100

    Intro Physics Textbooks on symmetries and physics

    I just started to develop an interest in symmetries after taking an introductory course in electromagnetism . The instructor explained to us how physical laws can be obtained by considering the symmetries of the physical system. It was really amazing how we can obtain such information just by...
  28. P

    Nuclear Theoretical Nuclear Physics Textbook

    Hello, I am interested in getting into low-energy experimental nuclear physics. I have studied quantum mechanics and a few introductory nuclear science textbooks (e.g. Shultis + Faw: Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering). I found the textbook Theoretical Nuclear Physics by Blatt...
  29. S

    Calculus The Right Physics Textbook (math)

    Hello. I have a bachelor's degree in both Applied Math, and Computer Science. But I would like to study physics on my own. I have flipped through the pages of a few physics textbooks, and I've noted that the math in these textbooks looks somewhat basic. I have not seen any double integrals...
  30. fissifizz

    Studying Advice on reading an entire physics textbook in one semester

    Hey everyone. I'm a senior in high school who is taking AP Physics C, and I love physics. I've already known pretty much everything in Physics C (apart from some calculus derivations in E&M) from self-study, and I've studied astronomy and astrophysics a lot throughout high school as well. I've...
  31. J

    Intro Physics Introductory physics textbook for a math student

    Let's start off by assuming that I know no physics at all. I am looking for an introductory physics book that is mathematically rigorous, but doesn't let formalism and rigor get in the way of intuition. My goal is to start from the "beginning" of physics and eventually reach general relativity...
  32. B

    Classical Physics textbook with difficult exercises?

    I am in search of physics textbooks which covers, basic kinematics, dynamics, rotational kinematics, rotational dynamics, gravitation and problems related to work and energy. I don't need theory. I prefer if the contains lots of exercise that are both difficult to solve as well as "concept...
  33. P

    Intro Physics Physics textbook covering relative kinematics/dynamics

    My university's professors have a pathological obsession with non inertial frames of reference which apparently has been going on for decades. As a result we work tons of these problems involving kinematics, dynamics and so on. However, none of the books listed in the bibliography of the course...
  34. B

    Classical What High School Physics Textbook Complements Feynman Lectures Well?

    I have read that Feynman Lectures on Physics is pretty good; however, I also read it isn't a replacement for a good textbook. So I wanted a good physics(high school level) textbook that I could read Feynman Lectures on Physics along beside it. Regarding mathematics, I have completed Calculus I...
  35. T

    Intro Physics Seeking a good Undergraduate physics textbook

    First off, sorry for posting yet another one of these threads. I've scavenged through this forum for undergrad textbook recommendations and have been somewhat overwhelmed. I'm beginning first year soon and would like a textbook that I can rely on as either my main textbook, or at least a...
  36. W

    Intro Physics Does this physics textbook include these topics?

    Hey guys. I was wondering if this physics book linked below includes these following topics: mechanics, kinetic theory and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics, and modern physics https://www.amazon.com/dp/0321625927/?tag=pfamazon01-20 You can view the table of contents...
  37. R

    Physics Will people buy a physics textbook writed by a 18 years old ?

    If I writed a physics textbook at 18 that countain all physics equations laws texts and facts from grade 9 to the first year of undergrad (freshman) and I will put in the book from where and how was derived each equation . Will people buy my textbook as a 18 years old ? And can I find a publisher ?
  38. T

    Other Junior-level Modern Physics textbook suggestions

    Hello All, I am looking for suggestions for a junior-level Modern Physics textbook to read over the summer for the purpose of preparing me to take senior-level Quantum Mechanics in the fall. I have a solid Math background so a text that would possesses some level of mathematical rigorousness...
  39. J

    Classical Books for Statistical Mechanics self study?

    Hi all, I consider myself a physics self-studier (although I've taken the introductory physics series and more in college), and I'm looking for an introduction to statistical mechanics. My thermal physics class used Schroeder's "Thermal Physics" text, which touches slightly on stat-mech at the...
  40. P

    Other Which textbooks can help me achieve my goal of mastering all forms of physics?

    Hey Physics Forums! I am a self taught individual, who would like to learn more about physics. My goal in life is to virtually understand every physics principal we know, and become extremely good at all forms of physics. I will be reading physics books over the next 30 years, so that i can...
  41. A

    Solid State Best solid state physics textbook that can replace Kittel

    Hello I am having a really bad semester with solid state physics material, the book "introduction to solid state physics" by kittel is hard to follow and vague also it doesn't provide good explanations, always brief and fast. More than that my prof. is really good but have problems in...
  42. VjStylz

    Classical Top A-Level Physics Textbook Recommendations | Improve Your Understanding

    Hi, can someone refer me to a good, 'A' Level Physics textbook. Thank You
  43. M

    Classical Physics Textbook structured by History?

    Once in the university library I came across an incredibly fascinating physics textbook different from pretty much every other I've encountered. It wasn't for general readers, but (in my opinion) tailored for undergraduate level students. The philosophy of the book was to develop not only an...
  44. R

    Other Physics Textbook Recommendations (Especially for GRE)

    So I plan on giving the GRE this year and I was wondering which textbook(s) would be good for it as well as learning physics in general. I've already obtained a copy of one by Randall D. Knight and another by Halliday and Resnick. Are there any others I should look for?
  45. C

    Intro Physics Alternative physics intro books to Young and Halliday?

    Hi I know eveyone buys Young University physics, and i think it's great for easy problem solving, a bit wordy but quite clear, however I like books that give a bit more insight into the reasoning and mathematical development and/or derivations of the theories, instead of just telling you "this...
  46. anti quark

    Other Which Edition of Halliday Resnick Walker is Best for Self-Studying Physics?

    I need textbook recommendations for self studying physics. I thought of buying the classic Halliday Resnick Walker Fundamentals of Physics, but was confused about which edition I need to buy. I plan to teach myself the whole of basic physics, thus forming a base to further study certain topics...
  47. J

    Intro Physics What's the best algebra/trig based physics textbook?

    What is the best algebra and trigonometry based physics textbook?
  48. David04161997

    Physics textbook recommendation?

    I'm finishing my first semester in my university and I'm going to need a good physics textbook to help me out at home. I'm starting to see integrals so I guess I can defend myself a little math wise, by the time I start my second semester (that's when I'll really need the book) I'm going to know...
  49. OenoLovesPie

    Classical Classical Mechanic books for a Secondary Student

    I am a secondary student who is in grade 10, which means that I am only beginning to learn physics and calculus (e.g. Newton's Laws and Binomial Theorem). I have a passion for physics and has been getting relatively good grades but recently I started to lay my hands on Newton's Laws and I am...
  50. B

    Calculus Online Calculus Based Physics Textbook

    First post here, so apologies if there is a similar thread. None came up on my first search. I am looking for a free online calculus based physics textbook suitable for introductory physics. Thanks in advance.