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Quick question on coupled pendulum kinetic energy

  1. Aug 29, 2013 #1
    I have found that the kinetic energy term for each mass on a coupled (by a spring) pendulum has no [itex]\dot{y}[/itex] terms, as in the the masses do not move in the y direction at all. What am I missing here? I know they are connected, but in the first normal mode, both masses should move like regular pendulums. Regular pendulums have a [itex]\dot{y}[/itex] component in their kinetic energy, so why are there only [itex]\dot{x}[/itex] terms for kinetic energy? Provided link below


    In this diagram, x_1 and x_2 correspond to each mass (m_1 and m_2)
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    I can't see any correspondence between the diagram and your variables. What are x1 and x2? I don't see any mention of y throughout the derivation.
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