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Radiation Detection / Spectroscopy Project

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    I'm currently a sophomore in high school and am interested in working on something to find methods of completely non-invasive toxin detection which I don't see out right now. I've noted that this is done by interpreting the spectra of different materials which could contain the pathogens/toxins and have read multiple papers/articles on MRI/NMRS, NIRS, and general spectroscopy but am not sure how to continue. I have also finished self studying trigonometry and pre-calculus, and hope to get through univariate calculus and my AP Physics B textbook by the end of the break. I also hope to enter the Intel Science Talent Search and Siemens Competition. Is anyone able to lend some guidance/assistance?

    Thank you,
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    Welcome to the Physics Forums! Good work pursuing education in your own time. Do you have a specific question?

    I have heard of a type of scattering that is theoretically applicable for toxin detection. I think its called Raman Scattering since it is sensitive to molecular configuration.
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    Thank you, I'll take a look at that (after learning how to read Feynman diagrams, and reading seemingly prerequisite articles so I understand what the Raman Scattering article is even about).
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    It seems that the DHS has caught on to that.
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