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Radius of Universe, electrons, and strings.

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    Motion of strings may give rise to particles? Size difference about,

    E-35m/E-15m = E-20

    Motion of particles gives rise to Universe (or Universes?)? Size difference about,

    E-15m/E26m = E-41

    Thanks for any help.
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    What kind of help. You made a couple of assertions, without any explanation, and asked no question.
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    I did include question marks %^). I don't know if those statements were true or if there any sense they are true %^(. Hoping these statements could be corrected or made more accurate by the minds of Physics Forums.

    Thank you.
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    We are still unsure about the Universe size - waiting for data from the most distant corners.
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    Can we at least say our Universe is of a certain minimum size but that measurements don't exclude a much bigger size?

    Thank you.
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    Are you asking if there is a Multiverse as well?
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    He could aswell have asked about the recipe of cherry marmalade... I wouldn't bother replying to a thread starter who couldn't bother phrasing a post worth reading himself.
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    Ouch! Follow your own advice.

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    Okay..... were you asking about whether or not we know of the Multiverse or not?
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