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Re-evolution of wavefunction after collapse

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    How much time does it take for wavefunction to start re-evolution after its observation is over? Or how does it evolve?
    I think, considering feynman path formulation, it should start evolving instantaneously, with wavefunction ending at edge of light cone (light cone that has its tip at the point of collapse). Its like wavefunction fills this light cone.
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    The collapse of a wavefunction means its annihilation. It's not 'resurrected' after an observation; what evolves is the wavefunction of a different system.
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    Consider a position wave-function. After observation, i think, it does not annihilate, but changes to a dirac-delta function. Once observation has been removed, the unitary evolution takes place again. The phenomena of reduction itself was a part of evolution, though non-unitary.
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