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Homework Help: Reactance and Inductance of an inductor

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    a. The reactance of an inductor is 100 ohms at 2kHz. What is the inductance of this inductor??

    b. At what frequency is the reactance of a 3.5-mH inductor equal to 10 ohm?

    I am not even sure what equations to use for these two questions. I know that for a the inductive reactance equation is XL = wL, but here I have two unknowns, XL and w so I am not sure what equation to use. For b the frequency equation I have is w = 1/LC but I do not know the capacitance.

    If anyone knows the equations that I would use for these two I would appreciate the help ASAP!! :)
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    a) you have only one unknown because the angular frequency [tex] \omega[/tex] is simply related to frequency by [tex]\omega=2\pi f[/tex] .

    b) Use the same inductance equation--not the capacitance equation you wrote down for b)!!--solving this time for frequency.
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