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Homework Help: Reaction Forces of a simply supported thin plate

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    I have a square thin plate 620mm*620mm that is simply supported on all four edges and is subjected to a uniformly distributed patch load (q0) over a central area of 58mm*58mm. I have calculated the central deflection to be (3.137x〖10〗^(-6) q0 (mm) via navier solution and the max stress in the plate (64.87q0 (〖N/m〗^2)).
    However I am trying to find the reaction forces and moments at the four edges and corners of a thin plate.
    Further information:
    Material yeilds at 380MPa, by using von mises yield criterion is have calculated q0=5.86MN.

    If I calculate the shear force Qx and Qy from
    Qx=dMx/dx+dMxy/dy - then as these are the vertical forces then this givse me the reaction forces?

    Will the reaction forces in the corners of the plate differ from the reaction forces on the four edges.

    Any help would be much appreciated
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    Please clarify whether 'simply supported' means uplift is restrained or unrestrained. If corners can lift, what will be the reactions there?
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