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Homework Help: Reaction Rate Experiment - Concentration

  1. Feb 8, 2010 #1
    Solution A: is a dilute soultion of potassium iodate, KIO3 which is the source of iodate, IO2(1-)
    Solution B: contains some starch and the other reacting species, the hydrogen sulfite ion, HSO3(1-)

    1. In a small beaker obtain about 50mL of solution A (0.02 M IO3(-)) and in another small beaker obtain about 70mL of soulition B (HSO3(-))

    Trial - Contents of Test tube 1 - Contents of Test Tube 2 - Time (s) - Concentraion IO3(-)

    1 10.0mL A + 0mL water 10.0 mL B 6.9 (my guess 0.02)
    2 9.0 mL A + 1mL water 10.0 mL B 8.5 (my guess 0.018)
    3 8.0 mL A + 2mL water 10.0mL B 9.1 (my guess 0.016)

    - My question is, am I getting the concentration right? I don't think I am and I am not sure how to figure it out.

    My friend with the same lab results said he got:
    1. 0.01
    2. 0.09
    3. 0.08

    so basiclaly what I got divide by 2

    Please help me out

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    There is nothing to guess here - concentration can be calculated. And obviously your friend is better in these calculations :wink:
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