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Reading Quantum field theory by Weinberg books?

  1. Oct 13, 2014 #1
    Is it a good choice to read these books first or there's a better way. My professor recommended me these books but as I started them they had bulk of maths and really matter was not that understandable on my first try. I am an engineer. I read physics in free time I can get , so shall I go ahead with these books or please suggest better mathematics and Physics books.
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    I think the Weinberg texts are a bit of a tricky way to start off. I'd look at the book mentioned above (Schwartz) as well as books like Student Friendly QFT and Srednicki QFT. Maybe also Hatfield and Peskin.

    It might be easier to first refresh advanced and intermediate QM (like Shankar and Sakurai Modern QM) if you need to and maybe go through GR first (books like Hartle, Dirac, Carroll and Zee). Basically get everything down well and then try QFT.
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