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Real world applications of Jerk and Cons. Acceleration?

  1. Feb 7, 2016 #1
    I did some light searching for Jerk and didn't find much, maybe I can be directed there if my question has been asked.

    I was tasked to find some real world differences between the two in my Dynamics class. It's not really homework, so I didn't post it there. I'm looking for a discussion from those more enlightened than I.

    I know some of the basic ones when we'd want to know the jerk of a body (public transit being the most common example I've found). I was wondering if anyone knew more colorful examples I could give to my class. I'd like something mechanical, preferably, as that's the majority of the majors and maybe something more specific than a large body. The Wikipedia page for Jerk gave the example of a Geneva Drive. I thought that was a good example worth researching. I'd like to maybe also be able to diagram some of the smaller things going on in a very nontechnical way.
    It just seems like there is a lot of talk of constant acceleration but not of nonconstant acceleration. The fact it's called Jerk essentially ruined my youtube searches too.
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    Put 'acceleration jerk joust' into a search engine .

    Jerk can be an important consideration in design of cams and railway bogie suspensions .
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