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Really Simple PSPICE simulation, need somebody to double check me

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    I am working on a prelab for my electronics laboratory course. It's really simple (or at least should be. Basically he wants us to simulate the I-V characteristics of a D1N4002 diode. There is no resistor in the circuit we are to simulate (basically we're shorting it if you consider the resistance of the diode negligible). The circuit is below:


    My problem is that whenever I simulate it, I get something that looks rather linear rather than exponentially increasing after the turn-on voltage like it should. I am doing a DC sweep from 0 to 5V with .1 increment and linear scale. No clue what I'm doing wrong here. Thanks
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    Try sweeping from 0 to 0.8 volts and in steps of 0.01 volts.

    The program will try to fit the data onto the graph and because the current gets enormous above 1 volt, the curve of the diode characteristic, as it turns on, gets lost.
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