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Recommend books on Python/ C++ Programming

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    idk if some of you remember Recommend a book on Python Programming thread i created a while back. As some of you suggested, i bought Lutz's book. I've looked into (or at least skimmed through) most of the book...i really liked it.

    I'm currently working on GUI Tkinter, it seems interesting. So, once i'm done with that, what's next? It seems like I'll have to self study whatever i can...till i take another formal language (not sure when that will be...won't be for at least another 6 months). So, yeah, i need some suggestion about book i should get next. I count on you for that :)

    Also, I'll be a attending a C++ course. What is a recommended book for that? Is there a book targeted to those who've had Python experience?

    Thanks a lot!
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    C++: An Active Learning Approach by Albert and Breedlove is great, even if you don't have any programming experience. The examples and exercises in the book are scaled down from real world problems. There is a slight bias towards Visual Studio as the environment, but one of the nicest things about the book is that at the end of each chapter they have a section on the differences between C and C++ for the covered material. I wouldn't rely on this book to learn C, but having a feature like that is nice.
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    I have an ebook if you're interested in it (1024 pages and very good) PM me if you're interested ;)
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    C++ books: Savitch's book, Bruce Eckell's book, and one named "Accelerated C++" by Koenig

    Python: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python, by: Jennifer Campbell, Paul Gries, Jason Montojo, Greg Wilson
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