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Recommend me a Book for Circuits I ?

  1. Jan 12, 2016 #1

    The recommended book by our electrical engineering department for Circuits I is :

    Linear and Nonlinear Circuits ¹st Edition by Leon O . Chua /ISBN-13: 978-0070108981/

    What do you think are some different books about Circuits I ?
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    What are the prerequisites for this course, and what are the class topics?

    That book was an optional book for a 3rd year circuits class I took in the mid-1990s (I was not at Berkeley - although it was written for a 3rd year class there) so I am a little familiar with it. The prerequisites were our intro circuits class, an electronics class mostly on transistor circuits, linear algebra, differential equations, and linear signals and systems that included some complex analysis. I would say my background was just good enough for the book, but it was challenging. It is quite advanced, beginning with a graph framework for network descriptions and moving on to phase plane analysis of nonlinear systems. In some ways it is a beautiful book (I wish I had kept it), but I do not think it is the right book to learn the subject for the first time.

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    From your other posts I see that you are from Germany and this is for a first semester class, taken at the same time as calculus, first semester physics, etc. I am in the US - we move slower over here, so it may be difficult for me to judge what would work for you. In any case, the course description or syllabus would be helpful. Even if I do not know hte best book given the topics, others here will need the description in order to help.

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