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Analysis Recommend me a calculus of variation book

  1. Feb 10, 2016 #1
    I have some trobles while studying the lagrange mechanics chapter of Marion's Classical Mechanics.
    There are some variation techniques in that book, but I only studied calculus and elementary linear algebra in my freshman year. I can't understand how partial derivation and delta notation works. Therefore I want to study more about the variation techniques.
    Can you recommend me a book about calculus of variation for physics?

    Sorry for my poor english :x
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    "Mathematical methods for physicists" by Arfken and Weber has a chapter on this which is pretty good I think.
    In case you find the above book difficult to read, you can try "mathematical methods in the physical sciences" by Mary Boas. But its still good to at least take a glance at Arfken's because it usually deepens the understanding after having some first exposure.
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